Jo (Australia)

My daughter is really sprouting since joining Tokyo Children’s Garden just over two months ago. It’s the first time she’s been out of the home at preschool and is enjoying every minute. From attending on her first day she has been very confident and loves all the teachers there. She is so happy to go to preschool each day.

Recently she has started to speak some Japanese words, thanks to her interactions with bilingual children at the school and the Japanese songs and books that they enjoy together.

The school looks really beautiful; it’s such a warm and welcoming environment and a great open space for the children to be in. I’m glad all the children from two to six years old are together because it’s a nice way for them to learn from each other and to learn how to care for each other.

Since my daughter joined I have seen a huge difference in the care she takes with glasses and crockery at meal times because she is accustomed to using them at Tokyo Children’s Garden every day.

 All the staff are very warm and knowledgeable. In particular, Ann, who I know from the pre-school my sons attended, has an amazing knowledge and background in childhood education. 

The daily journal the teachers produce is really personal. Each child is mentioned by name and there are great photos. As my daughter can’t really describe what she did at preschool, it’s so nice to have a summary to help me understand her day and keep in touch with what is going on at the school. The journal even shares what the lunch was, which I am delighted to see is always diverse and not babyish. 

eric wang