Akiko (Japan)

My husband and I looked at a number of international schools for our son in Kyoto and Tokyo. At lots of them, he wouldn’t even enter the classroom but, thanks to Ann, Hisao, and the other teachers, he felt really at ease in Tokyo Children’s Garden and loved to play on our visit. My husband and I liked the homely feeling on entering the school as well as the plants, open space, and plentiful light. As our home location was flexible, we were able to move to Tokyo so that our son could attend Tokyo Children’s Garden.

Since he joined in May, he has loved taking care of the younger children and is always talking about them. As he is an only child, we are so glad that he has this opportunity to be in a family-like setting where he can grow. 

I receive the school journal every day and look at it with him. It’s a wonderful way for me to find out what he is doing and he loves looking at it, too. It’s a really fun read and it’s reassuring to see how well the children are developing together. My husband works abroad but from the daily journal he can see that Kyle is growing physically and mentally and well taken care of by the teachers

The lunch is organic, which gives me peace of mind. And, thanks to the teachers encouraging the children to try new foods when they eat together, our son is now eating vegetables, which is a really big help for me. It’s good training for life, to have the children serve and eat with others and learn not to waste food.  

With the very high teacher to student ratio, the teachers can really look after each child. I’m happy that our son has the freedom to learn through play and I have peace of mind that he is being well cared for. The teachers take care of everything, even choosing child-friendly floor cleaning using a steam-mop!

eric wang