Doan (Vietnam)

It’s only been two months since our son joined Tokyo Children’s Garden but his development since then has been so fast. He didn’t really speak English before but now he speaks it a lot. As he also speaks Japanese and Vietnamese, he now uses one of the three languages to communicate, whichever he finds the most natural at the time. 

My three older children pursued a different preschool education, two in Japanese private school and one in an international preschool focused on study but I now think that learning through play is the best approach for young children.

At Tokyo Children’s Garden our son is playing and developing at the same time. I love the fact that the teachers are helping him to develop his thinking and problem-solving power through play.  At this young age I think this is better than developing it through focused or structured learning. He is keen to know things and is showing interest in things. Through the actions of the teachers, I feel that he is developing naturally. He recently surprised me by solving the problem of how to carry many different things. He seems to be thinking of the best way of doing things and then going on to do those things well.  

As he is only two (three in September) he does not yet have the ability to explain things well but when we look at the daily journal together he often points out things he remembers. He’s always excited to come to school and can’t wait to ring the doorbell and see everyone. He loves the teachers and the other children so I’m excited for his friendships to continue to bloom.

eric wang