Key Dates

2019–2020 Provisional Academic Calendar

(An Official Calendar will be given upon enrollment)

August 30 Parent Guidance Night

September 2nd: First Day of School

October 21st-October 25th 2019: Autumn Break-No School for Children (Teacher Training)

November 18th-Dec 6th 2019: Afternoon Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 22nd 2019: Holiday in Lieu of Thanksgiving-No School for Children

(October/November: School Outing TBA)


December 13th 2019: Last Day of School

December 16th-20th 2019: Winter Camp

December 23rd 2019: Start of Winter Holiday


January 6th-7th 2020: Teacher Development Day – No School for Children

January 8th 2020: First Day of the 2nd Term


February 10th and 11th 2020: Mid-Winter Break-No School for Children

March 16th-20th 2020: Spring Break

March 23rd 2020: First Day of 3rd Term

(March/April: Spring Picnic for Families TBA)


May 1st – May 6th 2020: Golden Week Holiday-No School for Children


May 18th-June 5th 2020: Afternoon Parent/Teacher Conferences


June 10th 2020: (Wednesday) Last day of school-Half Day (8:30-11:30)

June 11th-12th: Teacher Training-No School for Children

June 15th 2020: Summer School Begins