Our Mission


Many parents today grew up in a time when children still had the freedom to explore their environment on their own, negotiating and solving problems with the other children around them. School for them was very traditional and helped them to become the adults they are today. Tokyo Children’s Garden recognizes the positive points of traditional education, but realize that the changing world needs to have a new type of education for children today.  Around the world, people are thinking of innovative ways to understand and face new challenges through their educational systems. Tokyo Children’s Garden has traveled the world looking at schools and speaking with educators about how they educate the youngest members of their society.  Our aim is to combine what we have seen to create the best learning environment for children by continually questioning, evolving and examining research and theories from around the world. Training teachers is also an important part of our mission as teachers are a crucial part of a child’s learning. We want to give teachers the time to reflect on their practice, have conversations with other teachers and to learn from each other. If the school culture is one of reflection and action, our students will also learn how to reflect on what they see and learn to be able to create something new and unique.   By striving to have the best possible educational practice in Japan, we hope to change the educational systems in Japan and Asia.    

To this end, Tokyo Children’s Garden is committed to support children in becoming individuals who are fulfilled, determined and open-minded. Individuals who can see, feel and appreciate the beauty around them, and want to make a difference in the world.