Tour of School

We welcome parents and children to visit us at the school to view our facilities and talk to us about their needs. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.


Application Procedure

We encourage all prospective students and their parents to visit us at our school to explore first-hand and find out more about us. During the tour we will provide parents with an application form. If they are interested in applying we ask them to fill out the application form and return it to the school. Parents will then be invited to a parent interview to review school policies. If space is available, a formal acceptance letter and invoice will be sent to the parents after the interview.


Tuition fees

Please contact the school directly for more information.



What academic options are possible for my child after Tokyo Children’s Garden?

On graduation of Tokyo Children’s Garden, children will be well prepared for any educational setting, whether an international or Japanese school. Our inquiry-based curriculum instills children with confidence, critical-thinking skills, and creativity, which will help them succeed in their future learning. 

We have close contacts with most international elementary schools in Tokyo, and can help support parents with the application procedure. We have also spoken to parents who have chosen a Japanese education for their child on graduation of an international preschool, to better understand that process, too. 


How do you monitor the academic progress of my child?

We have a comprehensive list of developmental milestones that our teachers use to gauge the developmental level of each student. Teachers give the children challenging activities suited to their level of development, to help them learn and develop. They then observe and record each child’s individual progress, and share that information with the child’s parents and fellow teachers, who then understand the developmental milestones reached.


What preparations have you made for earthquakes or other emergencies?

All our teachers are first-aid trained. We have enough food and water for everyone at the school for at least three days, as well as helmets, first aid supplies, an emergency radio, flashlights, and other key supplies. We practice fire or earthquake drills once a month.


What if my child can’t speak well in English or Japanese?

Children do not need to speak English or Japanese to join our program. We accept children who speak any language.


Does my child need to be toilet-trained?

No, we are happy to support children and families with their toilet training. We do not have an age policy for wearing diapers/nappies, and work together with parents when their child is ready to begin toilet training.


Can you accommodate those with allergies or dietary restrictions?

We provide a healthy, organic lunch every day, delivered by Lucadeli, an organic restaurant located in Hiroo. Alternative lunch options are available for children with special dietary needs. Food allergies are not a restriction to enrollment. We are a nut/peanut free school.


Is the preschool suitable for children with special needs?

We are happy to meet all families to discuss their child’s needs and see how we can help support them.


Do you have parking at the school?

Parking spaces are available in front of the school for parents to use when dropping off or picking up their children.


Can children stay later than 14:30?

We provide a variety of after school classes, as well as flexible extension classes. After school classes vary per term; we can provide you with an up-to-date list. 


What is the Ikedayama area like?

It’s a quiet, leafy residential area that is just a short drive from Ebisu, Azabu, Hiro-o, and Shinagawa.